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How to Write $10,000 on a Check: Your complete Check Writing Guide

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It’s not every day that you get to write a $10,000 check, but there are certain instances where it is necessary. Whether you write a check for rent or donate to charity, knowing how to properly fill out a $10,000 check can be intimidating!I’ll be going over a step-by-step guide on what to write on a $10,000 check and where, as well as some best practices when it comes to writing checks.

The quick answer on how to write $10,000 on a check

When writing a check for $10,000, the correct way to write it is by stating “ten thousand  and 00/100 Dollars”.Now let’s look at what else is involved in writing a $10,000 check.

Do you have enough in your bank account?

Nobody wants to bounce a check, and the last thing you want to do is incur those nasty fees. Before you take that pen and start checking off the paper, make sure that your checking account has enough funds to cover it.If more than a few checks wind up uncollectable, you could even lose your checking account altogether! Make sure to regularly monitor what’s coming in and going out of your checking account so you can maintain a balance that keeps it on solid footing.

Fill out the date

Writing checks may feel like a lost art, but it’s still important to know how to get it done – starting with the date, usually in the upper right corner. You can use either the current date when the check is being written or opt for a future date if you plan to pay in advance.When it comes to what format you use, it shouldn’t matter too much. The difference between writing out the month, or using a numerical month shouldn’t make a difference, so just use whichever you prefer.

Fill out the payee line

When it comes to the payee line, there’s nothing worse than second-guessing yourself while you’re standing in line at the bank. To avoid any unnecessary confusion, take a few minutes before filling out this portion to double-check who the check should be made out to – the payee is the person who will be receiving the funds.To guarantee a hassle-free exchange, double-check the payee line is accurate to avoid any unnecessary issues.

Write out the payment amount in words

Writing out a check can be daunting for those among us with less-than-perfect spelling. We all know the word line – it’s the one where you have to write out the payment amount in word form – can cause some anxiety, since there are no autocorrects to help prevent misspellings!But don’t worry – usually, banks just look for similar numbers and then ignore any typos or small errors. As long as you fill out this word line correctly and draw a horizontal line right to the very end, your check should be good to go!When writing a check for $10,000, the correct way to write it is by stating “ten thousand and 00/100 Dollars”.

What do you write in the Dollar Box?

Writing out the numeric form of a dollar amount may be nothing new to you, but when it comes to writing a check correctly, it is essential. Before moving on to the other lines on your check, It’s essential to enter the exact numerical figure and accompanying dollar sign of your desired amount in the designated box. Also, don’t forget to add a decimal point and cents.After completing and double-checking your check, be sure to compare that the numerical amount in the dollar box is equivalent to that on the payment line. A bank may not accept checks if they don’t match, or they may default instead to what’s written out on the check.

Complete the signature line

Check writing may seem like a no-brainer, but it is surprisingly easy to make mistakes. While there are lots of details that need to be completed carefully, it can all be for naught if the signature line is not filled out properly.After all, this is the only verification needed to ensure that the account holder has authorized the payment – although double-checking everything else doesn’t hurt either! Therefore, it’s best to remember that when completing a check, do not forget about the signature line. This solution will help you dodge the hassle of having to write and distribute another check.

What is the memo line used for?

The memo line in a check often found at the bottom is a comment form for the payee to write their intentions for what the check is for. Be sure to make use of this blank space by noting down what the money being sent is intended for; this could be anything from noting services rendered to simply writing down “payment”.This brief comment can be extremely useful if references need to be made to that specific transaction later on. So the next time you write a check and see an unused comment box right below it, take advantage and make that memo line your friend!


Now that you know how to write a check for ten thousand dollars, the next time you need to send someone this much money, you’ll be able to do so quickly and easily. And if you ever need a refresher on how to write a check, just refer back to this quick guide. Writing a check is simple, but it’s always helpful to have a guide handy- especially when it comes to large sums of money. It will help you avoid any costly mistakes that could hurt your bank account more than your ego.


How to spell out $10,000

The correct way to spell out $10,000.00 is “Ten Thousand dollars and 00/100 cents.”

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