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Moby Finance Review 2024: Jargon Free Stock Research

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If you’re tired of the complicated jargon most investment platforms use, consider Moby Finance.The platform was created for investors of all types and provides useful information that anyone, from beginners to experts, can understand.
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What Is Moby Finance?Moby Finance is an investment research platform that provides investment research in an easy-to-understand format from a former hedge fund analyst.Unlike traditional brokers, its information is easy to understand and use, giving investors from all walks of life a fair advantage. They focus on simplicity and transparency and provide content in many forms, including newsletters, courses, podcasts, and market alerts.Moby Finance helps investors build confidence in their investing decisions by offering courses for beginners and advanced investors. They cater to all skill sets and are straight to the point. They avoid unrecognizable jargon and provide all content in two forms—video and audio—so you can consume it in the manner most comfortable for you.How Moby Finance WorksMoby Finance offers stock picks, market alerts, and educational resources for investors of all types. Its jargon is simplified, helping investors make informed decisions.If you join Moby Premium, you receive weekly stock picks, a morning newsletter, market alerts, and other trackers and reports.While it’s a newer service than some of its competitors, Moby has an impressive track record. Over the last four years, Moby’s picks have consistently beaten the S&P 500 by over 11.3%.SecurityMoby takes security seriously. They don’t store members’ information and don’t have access to it. All user information is stored using top-quality security via third-party providers. If Moby needs to collect and use your private information as required by law, they will ask for your consent first.FeaturesMoby Finance offers many features to help investors make informed decisions, including the following.
3 Weekly Stock Picks: Moby sends three new stock picks with analysis and price targets to your phone each week. This is in addition to an analysis of over 300 companies for you to use in your investing decisions. According to Moby, 81% of its stock picks have been profitable.
Political Trade Tracking: Moby tracks what the most influential politicians are investing in, thanks to the 2012 Stock Act, which requires all politicians to publicize their investing data. Moby puts all this information in an easy-to-read format and includes weekly updates so you always have the most current information.
Morning Newsletter: The Morning Newsletter is the easiest way to get the latest information in the shortest amount of time. You don’t have to sit and read an entire newspaper or digest long articles. The Morning Newsletter takes three minutes or less to read and provides you with the most important information for investing that day.
Sector Rankings: If you want to invest by category, the Moby sector rankings help you see the top companies in each category. Filter the results to show what you’re most interested in and make fast investing decisions.
Monthly Crypto Research: Whether you love or hate crypto, Moby makes it much easier to understand. They provide detailed analyses and breakdowns to help you make crypto a part of your evolving portfolio.
Hedge Fund Tracker: Moby makes hedge funds much easier to understand and analyze. You’ll receive a monthly analysis with easy-to-understand reports, including their quarterly activity.
End of Day Report: The End-of-Day Report summarizes what happened throughout the day. So you start your day with the Morning Newsletter and end it with the End-of-Day Report, which can also be read in a matter of minutes. In less than ten minutes a day, you’ll be fully informed about the day’s happenings and what to expect tomorrow.
Market Alerts: Market alerts are sent in real-time, so you’re always up-to-date on what’s happening. You no longer have to worry about being the last to find out about major events.
Quant Model Portfolios: Moby uses machine learning to create balanced portfolios. They provide monthly results, including any necessary adjustments and the reasoning behind them.
The Flagship Pod: This is Moby’s podcast, which is updated weekly, giving investors even more opportunities to learn and make investing decisions.
Courses and Lessons: Moby offers courses for investors of all skill levels. You choose the topics you want to learn about and take the courses to improve your skills.
Pros & ConsPros
Easy-to-understand research reports
Plenty of opportunities for learning at any stage
Offers high-quality investment ideas
Research tools are limited
Offerings can be overwhelming for new investors
Pricing and PlansMoby normally costs $199 per year, but they are currently offering a 50% off first-year special for new customers.They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee; if you are unhappy with your subscription within that time, simply cancel, and you’ll receive a full refund.If you prefer to pay monthly, they offer an auto-renewing subscription for $29.95 per month.Tips for Maximizing Moby Finance
Read the Morning Newsletter daily to determine if you need to do anything for your portfolio
Read the End-of-Day Report to determine what may have occurred throughout the day or what to expect the next day
Closely follow the stock picks and choose what fits your risk tolerance
Opt into the real-time alerts
Take advantage of the educational courses
How Does Moby Finance Compare To Other Platforms?Moby’s top competitors are Zacks Stock Research and Motley Fool.
Zacks offers access to the founder’s portfolios and reasons behind his picks. It offers a free platform that includes an e-newsletter and portfolio tracker, or you can sign up for a premium membership for $295 – $495 a year and get access to Zacks #1 stock list, equity research reports, and all the trades from Zack’s portfolio.
The Motley Fool Stock Advisor is more of a newsletter format, like Moby, but without the simpler jargon. It provides new monthly stock picks, company analysis, model portfolios, live streaming, and access to a community forum. The Motley Fool Stock Advisor is $99 for the first year, then $199 a year.
Getting StartedMoby is a mobile app, so you can sign up online or download the app and use it to sign up and pay.FAQsDoes Moby Finance Have a Free Tier?Moby Finance offers some of its resources for free, but most are behind a subscription paywall.Can I Track My Own Investments With Moby?Yes, you track your own portfolio when using Moby. The Moby service is a newsletter and stock picker to help you make decisions for your portfolio.How Can Moby Finance Help Improve Your Finances?Moby Finance may help you grow your portfolio, but there aren’t any guarantees. You can take the advice they offer and implement it, but there’s never a guarantee that the stock will perform as expected.Is There a Free Trial for Moby Premium?Moby Premium offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy within 30 days of the subscription, you can cancel for a full refund.Can I Speak to Financial Advisors Through Moby Finance?No, Moby Finance is a robust newsletter and stock-picking service, but they don’t have financial advisors for you to speak to.Does Moby Finance Have Cryptocurrencies?Moby Finance does offer cryptocurrency analysis, but it doesn’t offer direct investments like other investing platforms.


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